Social Gathering's for 2023

Respect your hosts rules! Tipping is encouraged so be prepared!


Join your host Saturday from 9pm to 2am and Sunday 7pm to 11pm.

Face Down Asses Kicked

Anime fighters assemble! 3 anime fighter tournaments one per night and casual 2d fighting gaming from 6-7 and whenever the tourneys finish. Friday night street fighter, Saturday night Guilty gear, Sunday night  will be Blazblue central fiction, all tourneys start at 7 pm

Tournament prizes will be a gift card for Street Fightrer 6 an, arcade stick for Guilty gear, and another gift card for Blazblue(Prizes will be first place only). After tournaments finish it will return to free fighting games until we close up shop at 11. 

Hand sanitizer will be at the door please use it so we can include those with weaker immune systems, masks are preferred as well for the same reason and will also be at the door unless we're out. Please keep the drinks away from the systems so everyone can enjoy them. Obviously if you hit the drink line ID or nothing. 

See you there if you're game!

The X-Tank

Join us Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 8pm-2am!

Ahegao my Eggo!

A brunch and watch party extravaganza! A special daytime con event with the Midnight Minxes.

Join us Saturday and Sunday10am-12pm + 2pm-4pm!

Junior's Lounge

(RWBY themed room)

Join us Friday 8pm to 2am, Saturday 8pm to 2am, Sunday 8pm to 2am!

Who wants to be cute forever?

The Egyptian Pantheon gang is hosting a chill space for all the cute gods, goddesses, demons, spirits and immortals. Isis and Anubis will be making appearances both nights to oversee the sacrifices and the Sunday night raffle. Make your own cartouche or channel the spirits through a tarot reading to find your destiny.

Awards for best worshipped and worshipper outfits!

Join us Saturday 6pm-12am & Sunday 6pm to 1am!

Monster Mash

We just host this on the first day of every con to introduce ourselves to everyone at the con and play rave music and have pretty lights.

Join us Friday 10pm-2am!


Get ready to bust it wide open and get ratchet as fuck. It's Freaknik where we play only ratchet/house music and wear ratchet attire. Think of the original freaknik and come for the vibes and music our mission is to provide a fun time and let people get their freak out.

Join us Saturday 9pm-12am!

NYE Y2K Event

Come vibe into the new year right!

Join us Sunday 8pm-2am!

Shibari and Blacklight Photos Room

Love seeing all that shibari in your favorite anime and hentai?  Want to try it out and possibly have pictures of the experience? Come down to the Shibari and Blacklight Photos Room.  Try on some rope, and get get pictures taken.  (Disclaimer: Consent is taken very seriously, pictures will only be taken with the consent of everyone in the picture. It's recommended that shibari participants are not heavily intoxicated.)

Join us 6pm-12am Saturday and Sunday!

Speedwagon's Nut Hut

Robert E.O. Speedwagon and friends bring you two days of Jojo's and other themed gatherings for your delight.

Join us 8pm-12am Friday and Saturday from 4:30pm-6:30pm + 8:30pm-10:30pm!

Social Gathering Policies

During the hours of your gathering everyone in your room MUST have a VALID Ahegao Con Badge for entry.

You may not charge an entry fee.

You may not sell anything in your room party.

Voluntary tip jars are allowed. No minimum tip requests or suggested donations.

Monetary amount (even if it’s just a suggestion) + item or service = commerce. This is not allowed.

All room party hosts and volunteers must be registered for Ahegao Con. 

While more than one host may be registered for a given room, AT LEAST one of the hosts must be physically present, and responsible AT ALL TIMES during the room’s hours of operation.

Your room must welcome everyone wearing a current Ahegao Con badge, if anyone is cause for concern please report it to Ahegao Con staff immediately.

Ahegao Con DOES NOT pay for your room. All hosts are responsible for their own room costs and any fees they may incur.

All Social Gatherings must be open for a minimum of 12 hours total spread across Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday.

No Social Gatherings may be open before 5pm on Friday.

Barring emergencies, social rooms must be open for all of their stated hours. If there is an emergency and the room needs to open late or close early, the hosts should contact staff ASAP.

You must post your room hours near your door, as a courtesy for our attendees so they know when you are open!

All speakers must be inside the room.

In the event of noise or other complaints with regards to our social gatherings they will first be handled by convention staff before being escalated to hotel staff if necessary.

No fog machines.

No dry ice.

No open flame.

Blue painter’s tape is the only acceptable tape to use on the walls. Do not use any other type of tape. 

Do not cover or tamper with any thermostats, smoke detectors, or fire sprinklers.

You must check for a valid Ahegao Con badge before serving anyone. 

Serving alcohol to someone who is already visibly intoxicated is known as over-serving. Use your best judgment to avoid over-serving, you are responsible for your Social Gathering.

If it’s illegal outside the hotel, it’s illegal inside the hotel.

Our location is a non-smoking hotel. The smoking area is in front of the hotel, just outside the main lobby entrance.

For a fee, you can request the hotel to remove the bed from the room. This is $100 and can only be done for the poolside party rooms.